How to Temperature Track Your Cycle

Recording your daily temperature is one way of tracking your monthly ovulation, fertility and the length of your cycle phases. Temperature tracking is easy, accurate and accessible to everyone in reach of a thermometer.

I recommend all women track their cycle, even if their cycle is perfect because it gives us insights we cannot gain from simply observing our monthly bleed.

Here are some of the benefits of temperature tracking

- It allows you to know if you are ovulating

- It tells you how long the different phases of your cycle are

- It can help you predict the day your menstrual bleed will start

- It can be used, in conjunction with an app like natural cycles, as a form of contraception

- It can be used, in conjunction with an app like natural cycles, as a form of fertility tracking

- It empowers women to know and connect with their cycles

- It improves your awareness of how your hormones operate

Temperature tracking does require you to each day use a thermometer to test your temperature, however it only takes 30 seconds and you only need to do it once every morning. Plus the thermometer is compact making it easy to take with you.

How do you temperature track?

1. Purchase a oral thermometer from your local chemist

2. Each morning before getting out of bed, place the thermometer under your tongue until the temperature is collected

(for those who find it hard to remember place your thermometer on top of your alarm clock so you see if first thing)

3. Enter your temperature details into your period tracking app - I recommend Kindara.

4. Work with a naturopath or fertility specialist to help you understand your readings once you have 1-2 cycles worth of data.

What does a healthy cycle look like?

If you miss a day, that is okay! It will get easier to remember the longer you are tracking.

After a while you will be able to easily read and understand your results and can manage your cycle yourself.

Do you temperature track and want to share your experience? Or are you looking to get into it but have more questions? Email us as

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