How To Make A Beeswax Wrap

You may have seen them at your local markets or in a top 5 lists of ways to be more eco friendly. Either way they have intriguing you enough to want to learn more.

Beeswax wraps are a fun, reusable and ecofriendly food storage solution. They can be used to wrap a half eaten avocado, to cover leftovers, to wrap a wrap or to store a snack for work. Beeswax is naturally antibacterial so they will keep your food fresher for longer. Ditching glad wrap has become easy. You will also gain some eco brownie points if you start using these amongst your friends!

So How are they made?

Beewax wraps are made from two ingredients. Beeswax + Cotton.

To show you just how easy it to make your own beeswax wraps I have outlined the materials you will need and step by step instructions. Ready, set go!





Baking paper


1. Choose your cotton. Possibly the most important step! Make your design fun, colourful and uniquely you.

2. Cut to size. Think about what you want to use your wraps for and cut the material to size.

3. Grate Beeswax. I sourced my beeswax from New Directions in Sydney. They have a great supply of natural craft materials.

4. Cover your material with a thin layer of beeswax. They more beeswax you use the thicker your final product will be.

5. Place the material in between two pieces of baking paper. Make sure the baking paper is larger than the material as some beeswax may spill over from your material.

6. Iron on high heat until the beeswax is melted. You want to cover the whole piece of material with wax, if you see a spot that is not covered use the iron to move the melted wax to that spot.

7. Quickly remove the top and bottom layers of baking paper from your material. Moving quick at this step will avoid the beeswax drying onto the paper instead of the material.

8. Air dry your material for 30 seconds. I usually spin around in circles holding the near edges of my material. This bit can be a little fun!

9. Dry your wrap. Allow your wrap to dry by placing it on the back of a chair or on a surface near an open window.

10. Start using! You have created a beeswax wrap and are ready to start wrapping!

Well Done! Please remember if you have any questions please comment below.

Peace x


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