100 Ways To Relax (Brought to you by our patients!)

We talk a lot about relaxation and the importance of it in the studio. The conversation is on repeat with each of our patients and for good reason! Lowered stress levels have been shown to reduce bloating, PMS, insomnia, skin complaints, increase fertility and energy levels by allowing our Hypothalamic -Pituitary - Adrenal (HPA) Axis to function optimally.

We all know stress is bad and not being stressed is good but at times we struggle with how to get into a state of relaxation when everything around us seems so crazy! So we came up with a list of 100 ways to relax based on our patients responses over the years and want to share it with you.

We suggest picking your top 10 and carving out 30-60 minutes each day to enjoy one of them.

Top 100 Ways to Relax

(Brought to you by our patients!)

  1. Run an epsom salt bath

  2. Have a long shower

  3. Meditate

  4. Read a book

  5. Make a cup of tea

  6. Enjoy tech free time

  7. Sit in the sun

  8. Give yourself a home manicure

  9. Let your skin soak up a face mask

  10. Nourish your hair with a hair mask

  11. Brush your hair mindfully

  12. Moisturise your body

  13. Give yourself a foot massage

  14. Create an evening face care routine using your favourite products

  15. Buy a plant and tend to it daily

  16. Infuse oils around the house

  17. Mindfully eat a meal, really taste the food

  18. Go for a walk without your phone

  19. Have a meaningful conversation

  20. Write someone a letter

  21. Dance around the living room

  22. Listen to a whole album

  23. Watch a funny cat video on youtube

  24. Have a glass of wine

  25. Journal

  26. Enjoy yin yoga at home

  27. Choose and play a song that suits your mood that day

  28. Cook a new dish every week

  29. Draw

  30. Paint

  31. Buy blue blocking lights for your home

  32. Read poetry

  33. Go to an open mic night

  34. People watch

  35. Clean your living spaces

  36. Play a board game

  37. Learn an instrument

  38. Organise your clothes

  39. Complete a puzzle

  40. Call a friend

  41. Call your mum

  42. Gaze into your partners or a friends eyes for a minute

  43. Stretch

  44. Do something nice for a stranger

  45. Bake a cake

  46. Gaze at the clouds

  47. Walk barefoot on the sand

  48. Walk barefoot on the grass

  49. Watching dogs play at the park

  50. Submerge yourself in the ocean

  51. Watch a sunrise

  52. Watch a sunset

  53. Go to the cinema

  54. Watch a play

  55. Watch live music

  56. Help a friend with something

  57. Laugh with your niece

  58. Get a massage

  59. Go to a float tank

  60. Go to an infared sauna

  61. Go for a nature walk

  62. Go to the beach

  63. Write down 10 things you are grateful for

  64. Take your dog for a walk

  65. Join a book club

  66. Take up dance

  67. Enrol in a creative course

  68. Get lost in your imagination

  69. Knit a scarf

  70. Climb a tree

  71. Clean your junk draw

  72. Learn something new

  73. Lie down and do nothing (tech free)

  74. Listen to the sounds around you

  75. Write 10 things you like about yourself

  76. Go on a road trip

  77. Plan a holiday

  78. Learn calligraphy

  79. Make a bees wax wrap

  80. Make your own almond milk

  81. Buy and tend to a bonzi tree

  82. Restore old furniture

  83. Mend your old clothes

  84. Write a love letter

  85. Cuddle your partner

  86. Teach your dog a new trick

  87. Make a casserole for a friend who has a new born

  88. Make your own cleaning products

  89. Go to the Blue Mountains

  90. Give yourself a head massage

  91. Put on an eye mask

  92. Learn origami

  93. Learn the words of your favourite song

  94. Laugh with a friend

  95. Make your own face cream

  96. Spray lavender on your pillow cases

  97. Go to an art show

  98. Make someone laugh

  99. Reflect on the good in your life

  100. Sing in the shower


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