Health Philosophy


It can often be confusing having to navigate through the world of health. We hear new advice, see new products and are promised new solutions that are guaranteed to ‘fix’ us.  


Here at Hälsa Health, our goal is to cut through the noise by listening to, and learning from, your unique body to understand what it truly needs. We want to educate and empower instead of enforce change. We don’t see our patients as needing to be ‘fixed’ but rather, as people who need a bit of help in navigating their way, back to feeling like their best selves. 



Health is a way of life


Health is more than diet and exercise, it’s your way of life.

 It’s making room for connections, carving out time to do the things you love, how you sleep, how you move social and connection and so much more. Each part can affect the other and our goal is help you find a way of healthy way of living that works for you and that is sustainable.


There's no set right and wrong


Our bodies respond to stress, rest and life differently, which is why here at hälsa, we believe in taking an individualised approach with each and every patient. No cookie cutter treatments, no set of right or wrong, only individualised care.


Health is habit forming


We’ll help you unravel the complexities surrounding your health and lifestyle, then lead you to develop new habits to create a simpler, more enjoyable way of healthy living.



• PCOS, PMS, Endometriosis 

​​• Hormonal imbalances

• Reproductive health

• Preconception health

• Digestive & microbiome care

• Stress & anxiety

• Immune & respiratory


• Skin & allergy care

• Paediatric immunity & health

• Dietary plans & education

• Nutrition support

• Food intolerance plans

• Childrenís allergy
   & intolerance planning

• Healthy aging plans  

• Sports nutrition

• Travel nutrition

• Lifestyle change

• Stress management 

• Weight management

• Sleep & mood support

• Health design

• Habit coaching

• Support for creatives

• Health planning

Address: Lvl 5, Studio 14, 35 Buckingham St, Surry Hills

Phone: 02 8011 4215

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