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Senior Naturopath & Owner

With an overwhelming amount of information out there on fertility, I hope to educate and inspire my patient to clearly understand the right path for them and help them to navigate their own unique journey to motherhood.


UNSW Masters Repro. Med - currently studing

Adv Dip in Naturopath

B. Comm & Econ

Member of Naturopaths & Herbalists Association of Australia (NHAA)

Treatment Focus Areas


Post-partum/4th trimester care

Gestational diabetes  

Secondary amenorrhea



PCOS (including post-pill)

Thyroid imbalances

Chronic fatigue/Glandular fever



Tuesday 9am-3.30pm

Thursday 9am-3.30pm

Saturday 9am - 1.30pm

Testing available 


Pathology - Laverty, DHM 

(Blood, urine, stool)

DNA Testing

Nutripath - selected tests

Hi, I’m Jennifer and I am a Senior Naturopath and owner here in our Surry Hills studio. I am trained in herbal medicine, nutritional medicine, health & lifestyle coaching and am currently completing a Masters of Reproductive Medicine.


My passion lies in reproductive health. Women are powerful beings sometimes beyond their own belief, it constantly amazes me what our bodies are capable of, particularly when it comes to creating new life. The journey to becoming a first-time mother is an exciting and often overwhelming time, I provide support and guidance through the journey from deciding to start trying all the way into the fourth trimester. Guidance includes; stage by stage supplement support ensuring quality, safety and accuracy in dosing, dietary advice including recipes, movement & mindfulness support and education on what to expect each step of the way. I work with each patient and their healthcare team including GP's, midwives, Obstetricians, doula's, acupuncturists etc. 
I meet my patients wherever they are at in their journey. 


My journey to naturopathic fertility care began when I fell pregnant with my first, Lily. Understanding just how powerful the female body was from a biological, physical and emotional standpoint gave me an even greater respect for women going through their own fertility journey and burning desire to make their experience as positive as possible. Through my own positive experience, I was able to better understand the journey to motherhood each step of the way which I am now fortunate to pass on to my patients. My journey inspired my further studies in Reproductive Medicine which is assisting me to bridge the gap between the world of medicine and alternative therapies.


I find it most rewarding when my patients speak positively about their pregnancy experience and carry on that vitality into the fourth trimester and beyond.

Outside the hälsa studio, I often lose track of time while:

Dancing around the house with my little girl Lily and husband Jeremy, spending time in the sunshine or by the water with friends & family and anything related to moving my body in a way that feels right that day, that might be pilates, yoga, running, swimming, cycling, bushwalking.


My perfect day looks like:

An early start enjoying quality time with my family (and a cup of chai), followed by a wholesome meal, walk around our local area and a nature-filled afternoon spent with friends perhaps by the beach or in a grassy park. 

Naturopathy With Jennifer

My aim is to simplify your health and remove barriers that may hinder you from achieving your best. I support each patient in finding their own version of health through education, understanding and experience. No fads or unconventional methods, simply quality advice you will understand.

Initial Consultations

Base Chat


Ready to make a change but unsure where to start? I will run you through your options over the phone.


Simplify Session


1 hour session

Understanding and clarity

Clearly outlined treatment guide


Follow Up Session


45 minute session

Step by step progress notes 

Post session support


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Session Pack


5 Hour Pack


5 hours of face to face sessions. Sessions are 40 or 60 mins.

10% off sessions 

10% off supplements & treatment items

10% off Brunch & Learn events

Accountability tracking within the 3 months of treatment

Email and phone support during your treatment 

Flexible instalment plan available


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