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Qualified Naturopath 

“I love the idea of empowering clients to take their health into their own hands for good, long-term.”


Treatment Focus Areas 

Hormonal complaints - PMS, PCOS, PMDD

Irregular menstrual cycles

Amenorrhoea, HA

Reproductive health

Preconception and Pregnancy Care


Skin - Acne, hormonal acne

Adrenal health


Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy)
Bachelor of Communications (Sociology)

Member of Naturopaths & Herbalists Association of Australia (NHAA)



Tuesday 9am - 6pm

Thursday 9am - 12pm (online sessions Aus + NZ)

Thursday 2pm - 6pm

Testing available


Pathology - Laverty, DHM 

(Blood, urine, stool)

GI-Map Testing

Nutripath - Selected tests

Hi, I’m Jax and I am a clinically trained Holistic Naturopath & Wellness Educator here in our Surry Hills studio.


I was drawn to Naturopathy due to its integrated approach and understanding that humans are whole, intelligent beings, & not just a cluster of separate symptoms to be addressed. It started in my 20s, when I experienced digestive issues and skin complaints. I worked on, and through them, with a Naturopath at the time and funnily enough, these are now the areas I specialise in today! 


I am particularly interested in female hormonal conditions - PCOS, irregular cycles, PMS symptoms, fertility and reproductive health, skin complaints, mood disorders, and digestive issues. I also love educating and empowering women about the food and beverages they consume, and what they use on their bodies. 


My treatment utilises a range of lifestyle techniques including movement, nutrients, and herbal medicine amongst other practices, in order to aid your body to reach a place of health, happiness, and homeostasis.


I find that it is such a privilege to be a practitioner; to be able to listen and my support my clients through their journey. It amazes me every single day and I am often left in awe of their strength and the hardships they have had to go through.  I feel very strongly about connecting my clients with other great practitioners and educating them on what is happening with their bodies and what we can do to bring them to a higher state of health.

Outside the Hälsa studio, I often lose track of time while:

Practising yoga, having conversations with my partner, enjoying a margarita, people watching!


My perfect day looks like:

A leisurely breakfast at my favourite cafe to start, a swim in the ocean or big bush walk with the plus one, and spending the night slow-cooking a meal for my friend. Bliss.

Naturopathy With Jaclyn

My aim is to first understand who you are, your needs and your complete health profile. I then work with you to uncover the underlying cause of your symptoms keeping you informed each step of the way. Your wellbeing is my priority and I enjoy nothing more than seeing people make a full recovery!

Online Sessions

Base Chat


Ready to make a change but unsure where to start? I will run you through your options over the phone.


Initial Session


1 hour session

Understanding and clarity

Clearly outlined treatment guide


Follow Up Session


45 minute session

Step by step progress notes 

Post session support


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