8 Week Hormone Intensive


Want to feel more in control of your body?

 Want to be less driven by cravings and crazy emotions at that time of month? It's hard enough managing a busy schedule, let alone an unruly cycle! Make friends with your period and start loving your cycle again.

This package is for you if...


You're sick of allowing your hormones control your social life and relationships


You're committed to getting results and will do what it takes to get there


You want your days to be jam packed full of  energy every day of the month


You want glowing skin, a flat belly and to be pain free 


You're experiencing PMS, PCOS, irregular periods or have recently come off the pill

"Jennifer offered practical recommendations and set realistic and achievable health goals for me to achieve, incorporating nutrition, exercise, mindfulness and supplements into my weekly routine and busy lifestyle"


  • 20% off all pre-testing

  • Weekly face-to-face sessions

  • 8 week supply of base supplements

  • Comprehensive email support

  • 3 day healthy hormones meal plan

  • Actionable steps & resources

  • Care & understanding

Glow Pro Package $1570

        // $196.25 per week

Why it works?​

There are so many programs out there, how do you know this is the right one for you?


It's tailored to your needs

Jennifer will work with you to tailor the treatment to suit YOU, your busy lifestyle and your needs. No more cookie cutter programs, this is all about you and your soon to be bff hormones!

It will empower you to take control

Glow Pro is not about doing what your told! You will be empowered to take charge of your health and make the decisions that suit you, your body and your lifestyle. Jennifer carefully guides YOU to healthier hormones and embraces your you-ness!

You are at the centre of the plan

Do you have special requirements? Already know A LOT about hormones? No nothing and want to start from scratch? Glow Pro is about you. Jennifer will work with you each step of the way and provide you with the tools to say bye bye to unruly hormones. 

12 weeks 

25% off all pre-testing

12 week base supplement supply (Worth $171)

6 face-to-face contact hours

5 reboot phone sessions

5 day healthy hormones meal plan

Comprehensive email support

8 weeks

20% off all pre-testing

8 week base supplement supply (Worth $114)

8 face-to-face contact hours

1 reboot phone session​

3 day healthy hormones meal plan

Comprehensive email support

Intensive option for those committed 100%

Which package is for you?​

           Glow Pro         Vs.         Balance & Flow


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Phone: 02 8011 4215

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