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Carmen Cooper

Senior Nutritionist & Naturopath

“I love educating and empowering clients to make more rewarding choices in their lives and become a more authentic version of themselves. ”


Adv Dip Nutritional Med

Adv Dip Naturopathy

Treatment Focus Areas



Male factor fertility



Hormonal imbalances 


Mood disorders

Adrenal support




Monday 9.30am-4.30pm

Testing available 


Pathology - Laverty, DHM 

(Blood, urine, stool)

DNA Testing

Nutripath - selected tests

Hi, I’m Carmen and I’m a Senior Nutritionist and Naturopath. I am trained in nutrition, herbal medicine and lifestyle coaching and have a passion in treating hormonal imbalances through the lifespan - puberty to menopause.

My clinical focus is in ART (IVF, IUI), male factor fertility, pregnancy, endometriosis and mood & adrenal disorders.


I love inspiring change. I love educating and empowering clients to make more rewarding choices in their lives and become a more authentic version of themselves. 

My journey to become a health professional was deeply inspired by a family history of chronic health and mental health issues but also, always having intuition to challenge processes and not accepting the body living in a dysfunctional state. I have always tapped into living in balance or homeostasis. 

 I enjoy educating clients about the how and why their bodies work the way they do and watching them evolve in their lives. My biggest reward has to be hearing 'I'm pregnant!" 


Outside the Halsa Studio I often lose track of time by:

It's an equal mix of down time and socialising. I am mostly a people person and just love having a tribe of girlfriends. I love listening to music and dancing. And weirdly, I love people watching (learning what drives people absolutely fascinates me!)


My perfect day looks like:

Currently with a 2 year old in tow - it would have to be a nice, gentle and slow wake up of kisses and cuddles, followed by a bush walk and beach swim, finished off with a night of eating, music and dancing with my partner and friends. 

Nutrition With Carmen

I strive to really listen to my patients and try to understand and relate to why and what they are trying to achieve in their life.  

Initial Consultations

Base Chat

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Ready to make a change but unsure where to start? I will run you through your options over the phone.


Simplify Session

digestion Naturopath Surry Hills


1 hour phone or zoom session

Understanding and clarity

Clearly outlined treatment guide



Session Pack


5 Session Pack


5 x 1 hour sessions

10% off sessions 

10% off supplements & treatment items

Accountability tracking within the 3 months of treatment

Support during your treatment 

Flexible instalment plan available


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