The Natural Path For Hormones & Fertility


This is the space for you to discover and uncover natural solutions to the health issues you have been struggling with. Whether you’re new to this journey or if you’ve been searching for the ‘right cure’ for a long time, we are here to support and help you navigate through your options.


At hälsa, we believe that ‘health’ is unique to each individual. If our bodies and our stories are different, our approach and response can be too. This is why our philosophy is to educate and empower, to help you cut through the clutter, figure out what your body truly needs and craft a wellbeing plan that’s unique to you.



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Meet our dream team of health professionals all with one single-minded passion: to help you navigate the natural path in the world of hormones, health and fertility.

Flexible Consultations 

Face to face and Zoom sessions available Australia wide. Out of hours consults available.
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How We Work

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Understanding Your Story

To help and support you, we’d first like to get to know you. This can be done through via a complimentary base chat (leads to Contact page) or during your first session. We’ll ask you a few questions to get a better understanding of what you need and you are welcome to ask us any questions that may have been weighing on your mind.

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Developing Your Individualised Plan

During your first face-to-face session, we’ll develop a plan to support you. The plan will integrate different areas of your life - diet, movement, connection, mindfulness and self-care - so you have a clear picture to refer to out of session. We’ll look at goals you’d like to tick and set realistic timelines so we can work through them together.

If required, you can be prescribed herbal medicine or nutritional supplements to support you during this process.

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Check-In's and Ticking off Goals

During each follow-up session, we’ll check-in with where you are and how you’re feeling. We’ll look at the goals we’ve created and revise as needed to make sure they are still relevant to what you’d like to achieve.

And that’s it! This journey can be tailored to however long you need our support and we can provide plans and packages to suit your different needs and budgets. If you have any questions, reach out to us here (link to Contact page) or visit our FAQ page for quick answers.

Our Slow Down Shop

Find your new favourite tea, essential oil and some of our favourite picks that will help you slow down and breathe again, right in the comfort of your home.

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This is a special nook we’ve built together as a team for our clients; where we want you to feel safe and comfortable as your health needs are met and understood. 


We regularly host tea blending sessions and monthly Brunch & Learn sessions within the space, and you’ll also find a range of liquid herbal medicines on our shelves ready to be blended for you. 


This quiet house of health is minutes away from Central Station and has a lovely cafe around the corner, perfect for a quick bite before or after sessions.

If you’d like to pop in and have a chat with one of our practitioners and see the space for yourself, just leave us a message below and we’ll get right back to you.



Conveniently located in Surry Hills with easy public transport access. 

Drop us a note and we’ll respond as soon as we can or visit our Online Bookings page to book a complimentary call.

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